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"Eye Speak: The Leimert Park Youth Photo Project"



California Artist Coalition of Los Angeles
in collaboration with KAOS Network
A Youth Photo Exhibition

"Eye Speak: The Leimert Park Youth Photo Project

Krystal Albert....Cinnamon Buckley....Donovan Dickson
Leslie James....Amanda Jones....Anbiya Smith
Minkah Smith....Aviane Staples


"Eye Speak: The Leimert Park Youth Photo Project" is a digital photo project designed to teach youth residing in the Leimert Park Village area to use their creativity to effect positive change in their community. The youth will photograph images, within the Leimert Park Village, that are unique and wonderful elements specific to the Village.  From those images the participants will discuss ways to enhance the visual aesthetic of the Village.  Some of those solutions will include street lighting, sidewalk repair, green spaces, landscaping, etc.  During the workshops there will be discussions on ways to establish relationships in the public and private sector that could be essential partnerships in their goals.  The workshops are intended to engage local youth by empowering them to feel invested in their community. 

Educational Benefits:
"Eye Speak: The Leimert Park Youth Photo Project" benefit is to educate youth on how their actions of employing strategies for long term goals are accomplished.  The participants will feel empowered to be part and in some cases in the forefront in setting plans to enhance and transform their community.  The youth will seek solutions and partnerships that would be beneficial in their efforts.  Through this hands on strategy the program has the potential to become a life long teaching tool for the children.