What do we need to do now?

This question has ping-ponged back and forth in the collective psyche of the Los Angeles Art Community for several decades.  Essentially, no long terms strategies have surfaced, to significantly enhance the presence and emphasize the importance of a non-artist generated long term support system.  Without that mechanism in place, the artist will continue to operate in a vacuum and exist in a bubble.

One can argue that the signs of a support system are in place, i.e. museums, galleries, print media, an occasional critique or historian, to construct what is reduced to a make-shift support structure in many cases.  These efforts have been generated by the artists themselves and/or individuals, in some cases, who are lacking the necessary expertise, have responded from a place of crisis orientation.  Subsequently, the artist have the distinct disadvantage of being in a short-term and lead a precarious existence at best.  The necessity of the moment overrules long term planning, as artist and institutions, operate independent of each other, instead of interdependently in a mutually supportive system.  As a result, most never rise above the survival mode.

On November 16th, 2005 at the Brotherhood Crusade Headquarters, a group of artist(s) met to continue the dialogue and address ongoing issues confronting artist(s) in Los Angeles.  Those in attendance represented a significant cross section of the visual arts community. A think tank for strategic and long term planning has evolved from this meeting.  

In January 2006 California Artist Coalition of Los Angeles was founded.

Among the items being currently developed and implemented are systematic strategies to create a self sustaining infrastructure, to develop and expand the Art Community.  Second, to bring public art to under served communities.  Third, create youth art programs.

We're confident that the work we're doing will create a new paradigm, as we continue to think outside of the box, move into the circle and build for our community and beyond.

Ayndrea Wilson, Executive Director
California Artist Coalition of Los Angeles